December 19

Review: Love and Will

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I started reading this book in June, along with a couple of others. I want to learn as much about love as I can, and considering I teach some of May’s thoughts on it, I figured this was a good choice. It was definitely the tougher of the reads I’ve done lately. I’ve found books by great thinkers of era’s ago are difficult for me. Maybe writing has been watered down to a point where even with a graduate degree more eloquently written arguments seem cumbersome.

Whatever the case may be, May’s book is well written. Like a philosopher he lays out his argument against the freewheeling sex “for release” of the 60’s and 70’s. he draws upon Greek mythology, as well as poetry, Freud and his era, other great thinkers, art, and great novels to support his argument about love and it’s relationship to human will.

Although I’m glad I read the book, and added it to the existential section of my shelf, I’m hesitant to recommend it. philosophical argument can become mundane and seem repetitive. The terminology, as I alluded to above, can seem cumbersome. There were pages of the book I loved. There were ideas I found brilliant. But I muscled through a good amount of the book to complete it and relish in those nuggets. The book was a bestseller of its era. I certainly don’t doubt its merit. I just don’t recommend it to the casual reader.

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