December 27

Review-Sex, Sin, and Zen

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I bought this book for someone a year ago, based on a line I read in it while flipping through it. The line had something to do with even the staunchest vegans taking lives, by eating a living thing called a vegetable. A little later in my perusing there was something else that made me think this was the perfect book for her. At the time I was looking at it, I didn’t even realize the same author as one of my all time favorite Zen books, Hardcore Zen, wrote it. When I realized it, not feeling I needed any help applying Zen to sexuality, I looked for other books by him. I read two others before deciding to read everything (or almost everything) he’s written. That brought me to purchasing this book.

Obviously, since I’ve now read four of his books and have a fifth waiting on my table, I’m a fan of his writing. As I’ve said in other reviews (“Zen Wrapped in Karma and Dipped in Chocolate” and “Don’t be a Jerk”) his writing style is down to earth and accessible. He admits his failings, and simply offers an opinion.

In this book he discusses tough topics like love and sex and polyamorous relations. He dives into topics regarding celibacy (he’s not an advocate of it) and spends each chapter relating his views to Zen and other great masters. I don’t always agree with him (though as I’ve written in other reviews we do think very similarly) but I certainly respect his point of view and often find it honest and forthcoming. As with the three other books of his I read, I highly recommend it if you’re into Zen.

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