March 9

Review- The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

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I bought this book on the recommendation of a close friend. She said it sounded like my philosophy, and that I might like it. She knows me really well, so I trusted her judgement. I loved the title, and went to get it at a bookstore within a day or two. I paid over $25 for it, as they only had hardcover. But my need for immediate gratification, despite reading 5 other books currently, had to be satisfied.

I read the book in about three or four sittings. I read over 60 pages the first night I got it. I put quotes from the first chapter on my business Facebook page. That was including having been exhausted and just wanting to sleep. I read at least 60 more pages the last day I read it, sitting in a hammock at the beach. Not to sound too impressive, the pages are small. I rarely ever read a book that fast (unless I’m on a long flight). You can look at my Goodreads page and see that. I take months to read a book, even when I love it. That’s partly because I read several books at the same time, and partly because I just read a few pages before bed most of the time. Enough about my reading habits… I’m only saying all of this to reiterate the fact I read it fast because I liked it so much.

I don’t want to sound arrogant, but (I guess I will) I felt like I could have written most of the book. I would estimate that 95% of what he says I agree with, and a large percentage I have said in either my Psychology Today blog, on my personal webpage, and / or in doing therapy and teaching. In short, he says we’re all going to die, we avoid this fact by getting stressed over things we don’t need to and to protect our stories about ourselves and the world, and we can change it and be happier, or at least more alive, by doing some suggestions he’s laid out.

To my knowledge he doesn’t have a degree in psychology. He bases most of his advice on things he’s read (some of which I’m also familiar with and find merit in) and on his life experience. He shares himself in the book. I always appreciate that too. I didn’t agree with everything, but damn, he came about as close to just spouting my philosophy of life as I’ve seen.

There are places I wanted to edit or grade his writing. He writes very down to earth, but some sentences go on forever. He starts with “But” and “And” probably too many times. But really, why would I give a fuck about that when I have a limited amount of fucks to give?

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