March 1

Review- There is No God, And He is Always With You

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Looking at the dates on Goodreads, it may appear it took me over a year to read this book. I guess that’s true. But, to be clear, I started it, shelved it to read other, harder texts, and to savor it. I’ve read nearly all of his other books, and don’t see much sense in going backwards to his second (which he’s referenced numerous times in his other books, to the point I feel I’ve gotten the point of it). Anyhow, excuses, excuses.

I really did want to savor it. I loved this book, as I’ve loved his others. I got about half way through it before shelving it to put more effort into another book and get it done. There was a good part of me that didn’t want to finish it, that’s how much I was enjoying it. And so getting back to it was delayed.

The book gets very deep at times. I’ve been pretty steeped in Western Zen, Buddhism, so the depth was enjoyable to me. Most of the depth was in the first half of the book in my opinion. I don’t think it’s anything people who are reading this wouldn’t handle. I don’t want to give any of his philosophy away, so I’ll leave it to you to read. I highly recommend it.

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