May 2

Review-What Every Body Is Saying

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I read this book because someone I know talked about it, and it sounded interesting. I already know a good amount about body language, being a therapist and having taught Interpersonal Communication. But there is always more to learn.

I didn’t love the book. The most common thing I said when talking about the book was that I felt my 12-year-old could read it. It bored me a good deal. Additionally, I felt all the scenarios, especially in the beginning, where a bit self-aggrandizing. This was a bit of a turn-off for me, but at the same time the author is a respected teacher of reading body language. I wondered how else he might have demonstrated or presented examples of incidences where body language was used successfully without seeming self-aggrandizing. I didn’t come up with any alternatives, and figure it might just be a drawback to writing about how you’ve used something. Perhaps it was just my perception as well, and others would not perceive it the same.

I utilized some of the things in the book, and it made me more aware of body language while reading it. I also liked that made the point throughout the book that reading body language isn’t fail proof, isn’t exact, and gestures can be for multiple reasons. I’ve had too many students of psychology accuse me of being dishonest because of a look on my face, where they were absolutely wrong; yet convinced because of something they read. It might be worth the price just for some of the hints you might not already know.

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