August 31

Review- Why Everyone (Else) is a Hypocrite

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Have you ever wondered why you are so complicated?

I just finished Robert Kruzban’s, “Why Everyone (Else) is a Hypocrite. I absolutely loved it. I was actively reading three books (and had another two or three started but put aside) when I began it. Within a short period I read it exclusively until I was finished.

Those who are the least bit familiar with me know two things about me: I believe mindfulness is the cure to almost everything, and I think the human mind is full of shit. A few years ago I took a Coursera course called, Buddhism and Psychology. There I was introduced to the modular theory of the mind (an evolutionary theory). I immediately saw (with the course instructor and his guests help) its application to mindfulness. This book magnified that fourfold.

In his book, Kurzban puts forth the argument that evolution has led to the creation of a modular mind. In a philosophical dialogue style he puts forth his argument and why it makes the most sense. In doing so he provides a plethora of examples of how the mind fails us, or at the least, fails to accurately reflect reality or logic in much of thinking.

In short, he explains why we are so complicated, and why everyone else is a hypocrite (including  why though we are, it isn’t as noticed). You may not like his explanation (I loved the quote, “…when I’m done you can worry a lot about whether the kind of explanation I favor doesn’t apply to humans for some reason you’ll make up but is wrong”. He sprinkles humor throughout the book, which is welcome as the material is, at times, a bit mind-blowing.

Once or twice a year I read a book I fall in love with. This is definitely one of those books.

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